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Our (Simplified) System, Asset and Service (Management) Solutions make managing IT Infrastructures even more efficient for all levels of admins.  Role based and Process driven five(9)s Software helps you manage, view, execute and deliver the right controls and data to the right people.


We provide an easier, better way to manage your IT Environment.

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Our powerful easy-to-use solutions unlock the power of your System, Asset and Service Management tools, while cutting through the multiple layers of complexity that limit utilization by the entire IT Admin Team.





Read what our customer ASEA says about us

"I have really enjoyed having the five(9)s clean up product. The product manages the database size to a consistent level. Prior to implementing it Ivanti LDMS was growing at a rate we could not support. This is a true set it and forget it product. The setup took all of about 15 min to install another 15 min to configure with a five(9)s engineer. Now we monitor the product through NMS. Since the install we have only reviewed the setting and entered new product keys. This is a truly wonderful tool that makes simple work of maintaining the Ivanti LDMS instances."

Brian Corpron, Director of IT at ASEA, LLC in Utah