five(9)s BVD+ Dashboard

Your Ivanti infrastructure -
viewable and manageable through a single pane of glass

Our BVD+ Dashboard quickly and simply visualizes the current state of your Ivanti environment. It navigates from a broad overview to the smallest details and helps you to identify an resolve problems quickly and reliably. Unlike static BVD’s our BVD+ Dashboard is actionable, allowing you to not only View, but to be able to View, Drill Down and Execute, all in one place under one interface.


The five(9)s BVD+ Dashboard is based on the Ivanti Management Suite, which means that all of your Ivanti data, tasks and projects are fed into the dashboard charts.


Dive deep into your Ivanti environment!

There are many drill down options available: tiles with your most important Ivanti information about e.g. updates, patches, software or OS distribution, can be freely arranged, all charts can be flexibly customized and role concepts can be assigned. This means you can always keep an eye on the information that is most important to you.

Select charts and diagrams for e.g.:

  • Active and pending Deployments
  • Packages, tasks and queries
  • Devices with outdated Inventory Information
  • OS and software deployments
  • Patch deployments
  • Detected vulnerabilities
  • Detected viruses by Ivanti AntiVirus
  • and much more

Get a first impression - five(9)s BVD+ Dashboard Quickstart Guide