five(9)s Console

Performance meets Simplicity

  Highlights of the new version

Now complex client infrastructures can be controlled intuitively and uniformly!

Optimize and automate your company’s Ivanti processes with an equally simple but powerful tool. This web-based console offers administrators as well as unexperienced users a multitude of impressive functions. You can manage your complete client infrastructure uniformly and in a process oriented way, even for complex requirements.

Make end-device management a factor for success

System lifecycle management solutions as Ivanti are a vital element of modern IT strategies. Many important business processes rely on them - so administration costs and complexity increase significantly, as do the risks of causing even bigger damage through through negligence or mistakes. Just imagine, if a single wrong click would cripple your entire IT infrastructure.

Extended software distribution capabilities

Do you want to prevent that a 32-bit packet will be assigned to a 64-bit device? Do you want to allow your helpdesk to install selected royalty free software packages? Do you want to avoid that software installations are done, when licenses are depleted for the product?

The five(9)s console offers you an innovative solution.

five(9)s Console



Why is the five(9)s Console the ultimate tool for you:

  • support of barcode scanners (computer creation and provisioning)
  • can be operated by any IT worker – no training of Ivanti knowledge required
  • reduction of the time necessary for routine tasks, thus more IT freedom for the really important things
  • transparency of all processes
  • live view - current device status information
  • automated creation and cleanup of tasks
  • automatic software distribution based on a desired state and inventory information


  • SW categories
  • simplification of patch management
  • centralized maintenance and announcement functionalities
  • logging of configuration changes per device
  • clone and reinstall computers
  • allow or deny software per operating system
  • intuitive admin dashboard