five(9)s Tools

Your toolkit for Ivanti

With the five(9)s tools we have developed some small but useful tools to make your daily work more comfortable, in particular with Ivanti but also with other client management systems.

And best of all, they are free. Just click on the five(9)s tool you need in the list below, enter your contact details in the email form and click “send”.


  • Create PC Name - the tool automatically generates a PC name directly during the OS deployment using prefix & suffix and PC typ (NB or PC).  Can work with leading zeros and WMI model mapping. Automatic formtype detection.
  • LD Commands  – Unwanted policy syncs or patch scans during the provisioning can lead to software- or patch installations at a time where you do not need them. So disable all agent driven communication and initiate Ivanti actions like inventory scan, policy sync or vulscan from a command-line tool without concern of the OS architecture (x86 or x64).

  • LD Delete Duplicate Device - removes duplicate devices per Ivanti Management Suite web service.
    LD Hostname Show - shows the target host name started from provisioning.                                                              

  • LD Inventory - standalone creation of the inventory e.g. via USB stick.
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    Randomwait - wait function which allows to set minimum und maximum values.                                                  
  • Remove Drive Letter - remove drive letter of a special type ( CD-ROM, hard disk, etc.). Could be useful in the pre-OS-installation-stage.
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    Win PE Caddy - Backup and restore all drivers in WIN PE Image, set also keyboard layout, screen resolution, etc..