Cleanup Services

Reduce the risk of your CoreServer Failing

Our five(9)s Cleanup Services performs a variety of key tasks to ensure that your core server continues to run at peak performance. By keeping the core server's file system and database tables optimized and making sure they stay that way going forward, you continue to protect your Managed IT investment.

When your Ivanti CoreServer or its’ related file system goes down your whole Managed IT Environment goes down!  Starting with and maintaining a clean and optimized core server and database, we believe, is simply a best practice and ultimately protects and prevents your Ivanti CoreServer from failing.

These task are easily managed and configured. Our built-in, configurable scheduler allows you to start your optimization jobs immediately or when you decide they should run. You also decide whether to keep the cleaned up data in the archives for later retrieval, or to delete them permanently. You control the optimization process and ongoing maintenance.


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Our Cleanup Services Solution enables you to:

  • Avoid Server crashes and failures
  • Protect against Disk overflows
  • Protect against Database overflows
  • Ensure reliability and stability
  • Backup CoreServer files
  • Ensure peak performance
  • Automate maintenance tasks
  • Increase usibility through better visibility
  • Reduce your administrative workload