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five(9)s Console 4.6 - What´s new? 

> Many improvements as, e.g. Windows 11 OS recognition or
   Individual Date Format    

> The five(9)s Console was released on July 21th, 2022.

  • For more security - Windows 11 OS recognition.

The OS detection of Windows 11 is now vailable and allows to utilize it's new security features. At least Ivanti EPM 2020.1 SU5, 2021.1 SU1 or EPM 2022 is needed to support the recognition of Windows 11 or to query for Windows 11 compatible devices.

  • Helps to recognize important information faster - Individual Date Format.

The personalized date format helps to recognize important info faster and can be set on a per user basis. Customizing the user's date format does not change global settings or impact the way other users see date values.


The admin can set the default date format and the user has the possibility to use the default setting or switch to an individual date format.

To change the date format use the user tile on the upper right corner.

  • Admin - Easier handling of existing custom buttons with new export / import.

When migrating or managing multiple core servers, it is now much easier to transfer existing custom buttons. You can export them from one system and import them to others.

  • Admin - Save time with the RBA Mass-Edit.

You can now save time when editing groups. With the Mass-Edit feature it is possible to apply the same changes (like adding or removing certain permissions) to multiple groups at the same time.

  • Admin - Cleanup recommendations improvement.

Duplicate Hostnames that are shown in the tooltip can now be copied into the clipboard. That helps finding the devices with issues.

  • Add Device - Improved Add Multiple Devices.

Importing devices from suppliers like Dell was not easy. The import file needed to be edited manually before it could be used. This has been enhanced - Now it's possible to import CSV files more or less automatically. This can be achieved by configuring the mapping of the columns of import files.

  • Central Search - Wildcard Search.

With the setting EnableWildcardsInSearch you can search for computers, preferred servers and PXE devices using wildcards like _ or %. This allows a more precise search and helps to narrow down the results.

  • Further improvements.

  • OS Recognition Naming - Recognition of Windows 10 family now prefers naming the OS with its codename: e.g. "Windows 10 20h1" instead of "Windows 10 (x64) 2009.19043".

  • Tooltip delay configuration - Change of the delay for tooltip so that readers don’t get overwhelmed by all the tooltip information at once.

  • ConsoleProcesses - Mailings with Coreserver Variable - To make the handling of multiple Core Servers easier, you can add now a variable to your mails with the name of the Core Server . This make it clear where the mail originated from, while using the same mail templates on all systems.

  • And more.

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Please find here an overview of all new functions

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