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five(9)s Alerting Services

Quickly identify IT issues and receive instant alerts to reduce costs and prevent major outages.

Installed “on premise” in your network, the Alerting Services module continuously monitors all parameters which are important to ensure a trouble-free operation of your EPM infrastructure. With Alerting Services, administrators are alerted instantly when issues are detected.

Alerting Services goes further than standard tests for availability of important EPM services or disk space:


  • Policy synchronization not running?

  • Does it take too long to resolve the queries used in Policy-based distribution methods?

  • Too many unprocessed scan files?

What about the health of your EPM Agent? Is it alive?

Can you afford to be unaware that an important security patch failed to install because the EPM policy mechanism doesn’t work?


The Alerting Services compare the last inventory date in the EPM DB with the last computer account logon to the Domain Controller.


Fast issue detection and immediate notification means reduced IT costs.

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