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five(9)s -  a highly qualified Software Company specializing in client management to simplify IT

Founded in 2006, five(9)s is a well-established Software Company, with a highly qualified development team, specializing in management and process driven design solutions software utilizing the Ivanti Technology Platform as one of our backend engines. Role based and Process driven, our (Simplified) System, Asset and Service (Management) Solutions make managing IT Infrastructures even more efficient for all levels of admins all around the world.


We help you manage, view, execute and deliver the right controls and data to the right people. Our powerful easy-to-use solutions unlock the power of your System, Asset and Service Management tools, while cutting through the multiple layers of complexity that limit utilization by the entire IT Admin Team.

five(9)is proud to hold advanced certifications and partner status with Ivanti as we work together to provide the ultimate solution for our customers.

"five(9)s Console has become an indispensable tool for daily support. It shortens problem resolution times and helps to keep our IT services on a high level."

Meet Our Partners

Our strategic partnerships with technology providers allow us to design solutions that best support your IT infrastructure. 

We attach great importance to our relationships with our partners. It means we are always up to date with the latest developments and can offer you targeted and customized solutions, even for special IT challenges that are outside the standard.

Together, our focus is on:

  • LifeCyle Management

  • End user IT optimization

  • Process design

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As an internationally expanding company, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative partners and strategic cooperation. 

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