Manage your EPM client infrastructure in a consistent and process-oriented way.


Today, many companies are facing the challenges to use a single system lifecycle management solution across all levels of customer support, in order to secure a process-oriented support workflow across departments.

Therefore we have developed a quick and easy-to-use Web console to enable everyone to fulfill system lifecycle management tasks by executing customizable workflows using an intuitive interface.

We help you spend time on getting the job done, not on how to get it done.


Make end-device management a factor for success.

System lifecycle management solutions like Ivanti are a vital element of modern IT strategies. Many important business processes rely on them, so administration costs and complexity increase significantly, as well as the risks of causing even bigger damage through negligence or mistakes. 

Extended software distribution capabilities.

Do you want to prevent a 32-bit packet from being assigned to a 64-bit operating system? Do you want to allow your helpdesk to install select royalty-free software packages? Do you want to ensure that software installations cease when licenses are depleted for the product?

Complex IT infrastructures

controlled intuitively and uniformly.

Optimize and automate your company’s Ivanti processes with an equally simple but powerful tool. This web-based console offers administrators as well as inexperienced users a multitude of impressive functions. You can manage your complete client and server infrastructure uniformly and in a process-oriented way, even for complex requirements.


The              Console offers you an
innovative solution.


The Console is completely modular, offering 3 subscription levels to best suit your requirements.

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