five(9)s Console 4.5 - What´s new? 

> Many improvements for, e.g. operating system distribution,
   Advanced Patch and our APIs.   

> The new release has been available since the beginning of the year.

Advanced Patch - strong new features like:

  • Patch automation up to "No Touch".

  • Qualified & simplified Patch Process.

  • Proactive notification for deployments and manual patch downloads.

  • Traceability of changes (change-history, rule-preview, dashboard).

  • New filter (Vulnerabilities, GUI) and much more.


CentralSearch with new functions - all preferred servers at a glance.

  • The monitoring of the PXE service, the last content replication as well as the overview of the upcoming times of the preferred servers are now visible at any time. 

  • A new split screen shows at a glance which computers need attention due to synchronization problems or service interruptions.


Save time in the OS depolyment.

  • Save time by using the new Advanced Clone feature. Make changes to the operating system, software, and Custom Inventory in one step while maintaining the settings you want.

  • Now clear Custom Inventory for 'New Install' deployments.

  • Additional information on the OSD page, e.g. displaying the installed computers per operating system.


Even more computer information is available directly on the home page like:

  • Quick Inventory - preferred server without IP limit, local groups with members or AD computer group membership of device.

  • Missing Patches - view the download size of the displayed patches or set a filter to display only compliant patches in Missing Patches as well as in the security overview.

  •  Smart Filter & Security Information - Search for devices that need a reboot or display a "reboot required flag" in the computer information security panel.

OS Recognition Win10 20H1.

  • Recognition of client operating systems Windows 10 20h1. For differentiation we added the build number to the release, because Microsoft no longer updates the release version.


Please find here an overview of all new functions

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