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five(9)s Console 4.5 - What´s new? 

> Many improvements for, e.g. operating system distribution,
   Advanced Patch and our APIs.   

> The new release has been available since the beginning of the year.

Advanced Patch - strong new features like:

  • Patch automation up to "No Touch".

  • Qualified & simplified Patch Process.

  • Proactive notification for deployments and manual patch downloads.

  • Traceability of changes (change-history, rule-preview, dashboard).

  • New filter (Vulnerabilities, GUI) and much more.


CentralSearch with new functions - all preferred servers at a glance.

  • The monitoring of the PXE service, the last content replication as well as the overview of the upcoming times of the preferred servers are now visible at any time. 

  • A new split screen shows at a glance which computers need attention due to synchronization problems or service interruptions.


Save time in the OS depolyment.

  • Save time by using the new Advanced Clone feature. Make changes to the operating system, software, and Custom Inventory in one step while maintaining the settings you want.

  • Now clear Custom Inventory for 'New Install' deployments.

  • Additional information on the OSD page, e.g. displaying the installed computers per operating system.


Even more computer information is available directly on the home page like:

  • Quick Inventory - preferred server without IP limit, local groups with members or AD computer group membership of device.

  • Missing Patches - view the download size of the displayed patches or set a filter to display only compliant patches in Missing Patches as well as in the security overview.

  •  Smart Filter & Security Information - Search for devices that need a reboot or display a "reboot required flag" in the computer information security panel.

OS Recognition Win10 20H1.

  • Recognition of client operating systems Windows 10 20h1. For differentiation we added the build number to the release, because Microsoft no longer updates the release version.

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Please find here an overview of all new functions

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