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five(9)s Console Pacage

Unlock the power of the            Console.

Thank you for joining us at Ivanti Interchange 2018 in Madrid. Just for visiting our booth, we are offering you the opportunity to experience the five(9)s Console's Base subscription for free!*  

*Offer exclusive to Interchange participants in Madrid

We help you spend time on getting the job done,

not on how to get it done.

What´s new in Version 4.1?

  • We have expanded our Desired State technology with a new calendar option!
    Do you want to plan the (mass) rollout of operating systems and/or software in advance, not only to the minute (e.g. for training rooms) but still ensure that your network is not overloaded? For this purpose, the "Scheduler" for Advanced Software and Advanced OS distribution is now available.


  • The "Search and Smart Filter" section has also been expanded.
    With one click you will find e.g. all "Outdated Computers". In a flexible manner, you can graphically define, release, copy and modify new search- and smart-filters for yourself or for your team.


  • The Quick Inventory has been extended by new Operating Systems and Bios Information and much, much more….

  • The five(9)s console evolves to a platform!

    Our five(9)s console is increasingly developing into a comprehensive platform. We have gone beyond the limits of the EPM and additional Ivanti solutions are embedded into the five(9)s via " five(9)s Console Modules".

  • CentralSearch Module 
    With version 4.1, the previous procedure "Select device - Press the desired function button - Done" has been expanded with an MS Active Directory user level. 


  • Now all devices assigned to a user can be managed immediately, through the means of the optional "CentralSearch" module - regardless of the number of EPM core servers (multi-core server management).

  • Module Activities
    In the daily routine, it is almost impossible to keep track of the jobs and tasks running simultaneously on a core server, especially when working with teams of several helpdesks and IT employees. 


  • The new "Activities" module provides these required statuses initiated, ongoing operating system and software distribution jobs in real time in a graphical interface - for you personally or for entire teams.

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