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Proof of Value – Package


Manage your WIN10 lifecycle with EPM and five(9)s Console.

Get your Win10 Builds covered and start to automate your rollout.

Pricing: 5.000,- Euro net

(add. travel costs may occur)

Win10 Proof of Value - Package covers:​

  • Coreserver Enhanced Performance Package - We make your Core ready to go (includes CoreServer check with File-, Registry- and EPM database-CleanUp and optimisation)

  • 100 x five(9)s Console System Management Subscriptions until 31st of Dec 2019

  • 100 x five(9)s Console CentralSearch Module

  • 100 x five(9)s Console Activities Module

  • Installation five(9)s Console Installation on your Coreserver

  • Configuration of five(9)s Console

  • Configuration of a Win10 Template

  • Import of a subset of your existing SW-Packages - approx.. 10 Packages into five(9)s Console

  • Configuration of Environment Manger Policy to cover user data (EPM Upgrade Eval Lics included)

  • Rollout to your WIN10 Scope approx.  50-100 devices

  • Documentation of Rollout Process

  • Applies to EPM 2017.3 or higher

  • One Core Server only

  • Win 10 Rollout Approved Certificate

Get me a quote of your Win10 Proof of Value - Package (PoV)

Make my Win10 Rollout ready to go!


Please provide your contact details below to receive a PoV-quote: 

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