When your Ivanti CoreServer or its related file system goes down your whole Managed IT Environment goes down! Starting with and maintaining a clean and optimized core server and database, we believe, is simply a best practice and ultimately protects and prevents your Ivanti CoreServer from failing.

Our five(9)s Cleanup Services performs a variety of key tasks to ensure that your core server continues to run at peak performance. By keeping the core server's file system and database tables optimized and making sure they stay that way going forward, you continue to protect your Managed IT investment and prevent a sluggish core server.

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Clean Up Services

A simpler, easier way to protect and maintain your Managed IT Environment


Our Cleanup Services solution enables you to:

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Full Feature Descriptions

Database Optimization

Optimize Alertlogs

As long as agents are using alerts, the alert log table size will increase. Using Ivanti default settings, clients can produce a large amount of log entries every day, which will cause the database table to grow very fast evoking performance issues.

Optimize Unmanaged Devices

Unmanaged Device Discovery is a valuable tool to scan your subnets for devices that are not managed by Ivanti Management Suite. Scan results will be sorted by device types (clients, printers, infrastructure, etc.) and archived in the database as long as you do not use these entries for deploying agent configurations to the related devices. Cleanup unmanaged devices will delete these database entries so you are able to examine the actual results from your last scans. Outdated information will not distract you anymore.

Optimize Remote Control Log

Remote Control Logging on your core server enables you to look up RC actions on particular clients as well as of particular users. This may be useful in case of complaints from users who (for example) insist they have not agreed to a remote control session, but will cause an increase of your database size.

Optimize Blocked Inventory Entries

Block Unknown Inventory Items is a Ivanti function that avoids the saving of unknown inventory objects, collected by the inventory scanner on your client machines, to the database. Use Cleanup Blocked Inventory Entries to get rid of all these objects (can be thousands) at one time.

Optimize Patch History

Patch History stores information about successful or failed patch installations through Ivanti for every single client. Cleanup Patch History allows you to decide how long this information will be saved, avoiding database size running out of perspective.

Optimize and Archive Audit Table

If you enable Audit Mode for your Ivanti Management Suite, all user made changes on configurations and tasks will be logged into the database causing a massive increase in database size.

Optimize PXE Boot

When a client is not managed by Ivanti Management Suite (no agent installed) and runs into the PXE boot menu via network boot, he will be stored in the database as a bare metal server with the MAC address as his device name. Cleanup PXE Boots can delete these entries.

Optimize Scheduled Queries

The Scheduled Query table gets an entry every time a scheduled task will be created that takes his target devices out of a query. Cleanup these entries and speed up your query evaluation.

File Optimization

Optimize Errorscans

A large amount of Errorscans within LDSCAN folder can lead to an issues with the Ivanti inventory server when it becomes clogged with an overlong file queue. Archive the scans will help for your troubleshooting.

Optimize Unused Task Files

Every scheduled task creates an XML and PMF file with all the information related to target devices, distribution methods, scheduled time, etc. When a scheduled task finishes a separate logfile is written. This huge collection of files can be very overwhelming and confusing, so you are able to delete and archive these files with this function to get a clearer look to all the information you need.

Optimize Data Analytics Log Files

Ivanti Data Analytics creates a lot of large logfiles for tasks, security scans, service usage, etc. This option will delete and optionally archive outdated log files.

Optimize Windows Temp

The operating system and some software are using the Temp folder to store temporary needed files. Unfortunately they will not always clean these files and folders afterwards. With the Cleanup Windows Temp action you can delete these folders and files at regular intervals, keeping the folder size at minimum.

Optimize Ivanti Log files

With Ivanti 9.6, Data Analytics will be automatically installed on every core even if unused and not licensed. Cleaning up these logfiles ensures to avoid file growth.

Optimize IIS Log

Since Ivanti Management Suite is using a lot of web service functionality, Internet Information Server Logs can quickly grow huge in size and amount. This option will delete and optionally archive the outdated log files.

Optimize Failed Vulscans

In case the Ivanti web service cannot process vulnerability scans, they were moved to a specific directory on the core. They will stay in this directory even if the vulnerability scan process will be restored. In large environments with a daily security scan configured, the folder can grow very quickly with thousands of files per day. Cleanup and archive (optional) Failed Vulscans helps to keep the file system in balance.

Optimize Ivanti Backups

With every patch installation, Ivanti Management Suite stores the replaced files in a backup folder for restore upon issues. Cleanup and archive (optional) these files to avoid a waste of disk space.

Optimize Archives Folder

When your defined period of storing archives is expired for an archive it will be finally deleted to deallocate space on your hard disks.

Misc. Optimizations

Move Manual Vulnerabilities to Do Not Scan

Patch definitions with the _Manual suffix in the definition name cannot be automatically downloaded and installed by Ivanti Patch Manager caused by manual License Agreements that have to be made to download them. Activate this function to move them directly to the “Do not Scan” folder to get clean information and reports of installed and missing patches on your devices.

Move Superseded Patches to Do Not Scan

Check Move superseded patches to do not scan to automatically move all patch definitions that are completely replaced by other definitions to the Do not Scan folder of Ivanti Patchmanager.

Update IP Addresses for Outdated Devices

Update IP addresses for outdated devices will help to avoid issues connecting a client in the Ivanti database, when its IP address is used by another device caused by the lease cycle.

Reset Internet Information Server

Restart the IIS Services in a regular way to avoid issues and keeping the IIS in a well-working state.

Restart Ivanti Inventory Service

This service in a hung state will lead to a large amount of Errorscans, or unprocessed scanfiles in LDSCAN folder, so restart it in a regular way to avoid this trouble.

Restart Ivanti Scheduler Service

Restart the scheduler service in a regular way to avoid non-processed tasks and policies and make sure you will get a reliable feedback from your managed devices.

Database Maintenance

When information is entered or modified in the database tables, indexes can become fragmented. Index fragmentation can happen when the logical sequence of pages is disrupted or when an index page contains less than its maximum amount of data, creating a gap in the data page or index.

Backup Coreserver Files

This will allow you to backup critical core server files like certificates, winpe bootimages and custom scripts.


Email Settings

Enter email credentials to be informed when a cleanup action was performed.


Enable Scheduler

Enable, or disable the Cleanup Scheduler as needed.


Define a daily or weekly scheduling interval for every function of C&D Optimization.



Statistics gives you a reliable and quick overview about all cleaned objects and saved spaces.

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