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"The five9 )s Console is easy to install - Install process is simple. List of prerequisites is clearly defined.

It can be implemented and configured very fast -First configuration requires some time, effort and additional tests, especially in terms of OS provisioning, but after everything is done,  it simplifies everyday work and really helps with everyday tasks.


It can be provided even to non-IT Personal - Role Based Administration is very powerful and allows to add/remove single buttons or menus. Such approach definitely helps in configuring roles for non-IT Personal, with just the necessary features.

It can be used without additional training - It is very intuitive, especially from the Helpdesk role perspective. In our case we organised 1 hour of presentation/training to Client Services Team and that was enough for introduction. It’s really easy to learn just by everyday use. Just the Admin console is a bit more complicated and requires some time to get used to.

The behaviour of the Console is very fast and intuitive - GUI is very well organised and fully simplified. Performance is very good in all our offices. E-mail notifications are sent without delay.

It provides a great feature set that embraces and improves the most important Ivanti Endpoint Manager modules - With Real-time Inventory enabled on Agents, the information gathered and presented by the Console is very useful. By viewing processes, services or event viewer error messages we can initially identify the root cause of the issue, without even connecting remotely to the machine. The most important features from the Helpdesk point of view are combined in one place: Full Inventory, Provisioning and Repair History, Missing Patches, all available without delay.


Personally, the most impressive for me is the way how OS Provisioning can be unified and simplified. Five(9)s Custom Inventory extremely helps with deploying single image to different sites and offices – complicated templates with set of actions and conditionals can be replaced by single actions and custom variables. And I very like the approach of “Desired State”.


It provides a great value for customers -  It’s extremely helpful to customers with large Helpdesk Teams, where access to regular LDMS console is not required. However, it still requires access to LDMS console in order to troubleshoot when something goes wrong.


It should be given to Ivanti Customers as a completely new webconsole technology - Comparing to the Web console currently built-into LDMS, five9 )s console is much more powerful, more responsive and customizable. I think it would be a good replacement of current web console, with much nicer and modern GUI."

Jarek Piszczatowski, IT Systems Administrator, ivanti



"Company-wide uniform client lifecycle services guaranteed - five9 )s Console at Faurecia in 7x24x365"

Founded in 1997, Faurecia has grown to become a leading player in the global automotive industry. With 300 sites including 30 R&D centers in 35 countries, Faurecia is now a global leader in its three areas of business: automotive seating, interior systems and clean mobility. It supplies automakers with state-of-the-art technology to promote Smart Life on Board and Sustainable Mobility. In 2016, the Group posted total sales of €18.7 billion and had a workforce of 100,000 people.

Since 2007 Faurecia Group Information Systems trust five9 )s GmbH in Alzenau, Germany regarding Software and Services.

For a long time five9 )s Console is an essential part of our toolset for End-User and Client Services domain on glob al basis.

Faurecia´s IT-Helpdesk as well local and central IT experts appreciate efficiency and ease of use offive9 )s Console. Web based interface of five9 )s Console is easily operated. It provides quick and intuitive access to underling DTMS.


five9 )Console is reliable and requires minimum of operation to have it available for 24x7x365 services around the globe. An internal survey among several hundred of Faurecia IT contributors has shown a rate of highly satisfaction with five9 )s Console.


five9 )s Console has become an indispensable tool for daily support. It shortens problem resolution times and helps to keep our IT services on a high level. Also our experiences regarding maintenance, product evolution, considering of customer request are extremely positive with five9 )s.


five9 )s and it´s Console are simply advisable.

Hartmut Bittner, GIS / Leader Windows Infrastructure & Client Services


Goethe University

"... the professionalism of the five9 )s Consultant was especially positive ..."

"Within a week, our entire LANDESK environment was perfectly set up and worked smoothly, and we were particularly pleased with the professionalism of the five9 )s consultant and his expert approach to the project: He was extremely knowledgeable and could even handle unplanned requests and changes quickly and easily solve it professionally. " 

Raymond Velte, Group Leader IT Service Center, Goethe-University Frankfurt



"... it becomes immediately obvious that the five9 )s EMPA services were developed by experienced LANDESK professionals ..."

"We use all five9 )s EMPA Services modules. They perfectly complement our LANDESK infrastructure as they provide features that greatly simplify our work with LANDESK, saving precious time for our IT team. It's obvious that the five9 )s EMPA services have been developed by experienced LANDESK professionals. "

Erich Wagner, IT User Service Center Client Management, Apollo-Optik Holding

zeb /

"... EMPA  saves us costs immediately ..."

"We chose the five9 )s EMPA services because it allows us to automate LANDESK Management Suite processes that would otherwise have to be done manually. The EMPA services save us time and money. And if there are problems in the LANDESK infrastructure, the EMPA Alerting Services help us to react quickly. "

Waldemar Wohlgemuth, Team Leader Service Desk, zeb /


"... the five9 )s EMPA Services extend our LANDESK solutions perfectly ..."

"We have often relied on five9 )s as a competent LANDESK vendor in the past , and as soon as we heard about the five9 )s EMPA services in the fall of 2012 , we were very excited and gladly accepted the offer for the test installation , In the meantime, we are EMPA 100 customer and since the beginning of 2014, thanks to the multi-core function, we manage all our LANDESK servers with the EMPA modules. Especially useful we find contained in EMPA 100 "all-inclusive" package: five ( 9 ) s consultants maintain our proactive LANDesk environment and support our LANDesk administrators, where they need help; five9 )s Consultants install all our important LANDESK service packs and patches as soon as they are released, ensuring that we always use a reliable LANDESK environment. The automatically generated EMPA reports give us a detailed overview of our PC landscape and our LANDESK infrastructure. The decision to use the five9 )s EMPA services for the management of our LANDESK environment, we have not regretted a second. They complement and expand our LANDESK solutions perfectly. "

Franck Reiner, Manager Client Competence Center, Schindler Informatik AG



"...  the five9 )s team did a really great job ..."

"The five9 )s team was highly recommended to us and did a really great job designing and implementing our LANDESK infrastructure. The consultants are experts in dealing with LANDESK and happily share their experiences. "

Markus Knapp, Head of Client Management and Local Field Services, TUI InfoTec Frankfurt

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