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Save Time and Money While Enhancing IT Service Quality

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Your Admin has the following tasks to accomplish:

A) Update software i.e. Adobe Reader 10 to the most current version

B) Comply with SAM (deploy only as many updates as free licenses are available)

C) Precise documentation on each machine, to what occurred and the result (who, what, when, where and why)

D) Ensure automatic installation of the new version if the user's PC is later reinstalled (Disaster Case)

E) Ensure automatic installation of the new version on a new machine if the user's hardware is changed or virtualized.


The tasks listed above are routinely done by a well trained and experienced Ivanti EPM Administrator. But, ask your Admin if all of your IT staff can carry out these tasks, how long they will take, and whether he can ensure the tasks are executed in the same way, with the same quality, in less time.


Now ask your Admin how quickly and thoroughly they can accomplish the same tasks with five(9)s Console. If they don't know let us tell you:

  • The time required to configure five(9)s Console and then letting five(9)s Console do tasks A through E = 2 Minutes Max.

  • Ivanti EPM know how required = None! No Epm queries, no tasks, no reporting required!

  • five(9)s Console know how required = 15 minutes of instruction

  • Assigned/executing Staff = 1st level support

With five(9)s Console you are guaranteed to save time and money, all while enhancing the quality of IT service.

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